IBM Blue Gene/L


  • 4096 2-way SMP nodes (8192 processors)
  • IBM PowerPC 440×5 processors operationg at 700 Mhz 32-bit
  • 1 GB main memory per node with a total of 4 TB for the cluster
  • Gigabit network with Cisco 6500 Gigabit switch.
  • The node runs the compute node kernel (CNK)
  • XL FORTRAN 77,90,C Compilers with Debuggers.
  • Math Library ESSL
  • Mathematical Acceleration Library MASS
  • Batch Submission System – LoadLeveler

How to get access:-Fill the online HPC application form here & submit at Room: 117, SERC

How to use

  • After getting access, you can login to interactive node bglfen01 ( or bglfen02   ( using common pool password.
  • Local scratch /gpfs/bglscratch/<loginid>  is available for Job runtime use. For bglscratch please contact sysadmin in 109 SERC.Files older than 10 days in this area will be deleted. 
    Please do not install any software in this area.
  • Users are requested to  install software in home area and for running the jobs users are  requested to use /gpfs/bglscratch/<loginid> for better performance.
  • Users can spawn jobs on to the Blue Gene system using the Batch submission system (LoadLeveler).

System Software and Documentation