local 9.0

   Launching MATLAB jobs in the Local machine:

Step1: Install the matlab-R2016a (9.0) in your machine and invoke it.

Step2: This is the start up the page which will appear on successful invocation.

Step3: Set your home directory path -> click on “Set Path” icon -> click on “Add Folder” button then select the folder and click on “ok” and “save” it.

Step4: Click on “Parallel” icon and then “Manage Cluster Profiles “. Select local and “Save”.

Step 5: Clck on Edit and follow the steps below:

    • In the option for Numworkers, you can specify maximum number of cores up to 512 depending on your machine.
    • In second option you need to specify the path where you want to store your data.

Step 6: For the validation click on “Validate” button. Validation is successful when all the tests are passed. You can now run your job.