ANSYS 13.0 (CFD)


ANSYS 13.0 includes a great number of new and advanced features that make it easier, faster and cheaper for customers to bring new products to market, with a high degree of confidence in the ultimate results they will achieve. The product suite delivers new benefits in three major
areas:* Greater accuracy and fidelity: As engineering requirements and design complexity increase, simulation software must produce more accurate results that reflect changing operating conditions over time.* Higher productivity: ANSYS 13.0 includes dozens of features that minimize the time and effort product development teams invest in simulation.* More computational power: For some engineering simulations, ANSYS 13.0 can provide speedup ratios that are five to 10 times greater than previous software releases. Even complex multiphysics simulations can be accomplished more quickly and efficiently.ANSYS 13.0 builds on the foundation of previous ANSYS releases, taking product development to the next level by continuing the evolution of Smart Engineering Simulation. By compressing design cycles, optimizing product performance across multiple physics, maximizing the accuracy of virtual prototypes, and automating the simulation process, ANSYS is making it easier and faster than ever to bring innovative new products to market — which has become imperative in today’s difficult economy.Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) is an engineering method that calculates flow fields and other physics in detail for an application of interest. ANSYS uses a multidisciplinary approach to simulation in which fluid flow models integrate seamlessly with other types of physics simulation technologies. The CFD, or fluids, simulation results can be used as part of a Simulation Driven Product Development process
— to illustrate how a product or process operates, to troubleshoot problems, to optimize performance and to design new products.

ANSYS CFD technology provides access to both the well-known ANSYS FLUENT and ANSYS CFX products.

Vendor : Ansys Inc., USA

Supplier : Ansys Software Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore, India.

Installation procedure for Ansys 13.0 on windows xp and windows 7

Download Software from SERC network Share

Following software products of Ansys are installed at SERC :

    1. Ansys Academic Research CFD package with the following modules:

fluent, cfx, ekm, icepack, polyflow, tgrid, cfd-post, and icemcfd

  1. Ansys Academic Research HPC package

Users can use the firstpackage on any of the access stations or HPC machines with 4 CPU queues (Tesla) at SERC where Redhat/Suse Linux is installed. Ansys can be used on the computational batch servers using appropriate batch schedulers for the parallel jobs. Further updates will be given after completion of installation.

Ansys software at SERC is installed in the following path

The License server for Ansys is : sunlx1_10
The port number is: 1055

To invoke any of the modules the user has to set the appropriate path into his .cshrc file.

For example for Fluent the path to be set for csh shell is:

set path=($path /home/pkg/lic/ansys/13/linux/64/v130/fluent/bin)

After editing the .cshrc file one has to source .cshrc file.

To invoke fluent after setting the path type at the command prompt,


Same procedure should be followed for other modules also.

set path=($path /home/pkg/lic/ansys/13/linux/64/v130/icemcfd/linux64_amd/bin)

To invoke icemcfd after setting the path type at the command prompt,



ICEMCFD module is available only on the foll. Bay Machines at SERC:


Fluent job can also be run in HPC clusters through PBS script as:

16-core Fluent sample job script for Delta-cluster
32-core Fluent sample job script for Tyrone-cluster

For any clarifications or to report problems, please send email to or contact sysadmins in 103, SERC .