Materials Studio 6.0

Materials Studio version 6.0 is the latest version of the software and is available on the Gateway server installed on sunlx1_10 ( at SERC. The details of the license and gateway server are as follows:

License Server : sunlx1_10 or

Port for license : 1715

Gateway :

Port for gateway : 18888

Materials Studio Client can be installed on the local departmental windows PCs and connected to the SERC license and Gateway servers.

Procedure to use Materials Studio 6.0 from the departments:

To install through network from SERC

For Windows

Installation through network

  • Go to Start -> Run
  • type \\\shares and click on OK
  • A window will open.  

  • Click on “Material_Studio_6” folder. Inside this folder you will find the following.
    • From here copy which version of file  which is suitable to your system(You can also directly install from the network directory also.)
    • Double click on version of file which is suitable to your system and the installation will start.

The next steps are as given in the installation guide.


  1. After successful uninstall of previous version, load the software CD and follow the automated installation procedure. Once the installation is complete configure to connect to the appropriate license and gateway servers.

2.Procedure to connect your Materials Studio windows Client machine to license server (sunlx1_10):

Before one can use MS 6.0 installed on the PC, one has to setup the license server details. Please follow the steps below to configure your machine to access these servers at SERC.

  1. Add the following entry in your System’s hosts file located at
    “C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts”                     sunlx1_10                      msgateway        

2. Make sure you are able to ping to the license server machine If you are unable to ping, check your DNS configuration.
3. Stop Windows Firewall or any other Firewall which would have came with your Antivirus Software
4. Start–>Programs–>Accelrys Materials
    Studio 6.0–>Configure Licensing
5. Click the radio button: For more options, start the License Administrator and click on Next
6. Select Connections -> existing connection and click on Remove
7. Click Set -> type Host Name of server machine:
8. Leave the port as it is and click on OK.
9. The server will be checked and it will display port@server name and say connected
10. File–>exit

3. Procedure to connect your Materials Studio windows Client machine to the Materials Studio Gateway Server hosted at SERC (msgateway):

  1. Open Materials Studio.
  2. Go to Tools –> Server Console –> Server Gateways
  3. In the left panel of the new window, expand Server Management.
  4. Right click on Server Gateways, select New -> Server Gateway.
  5. In the popup “New Server Gateway” window, add in the URL box and set 18888 as the default port.
  6. Click on Run Diagnostics. This should say the test was successful only then the New Server Gateway will get added.
  7. Click OK button to add new server gateway.
  8. Open the server gateway tree and right click on, select “Test Gateway”.
  9. In the popup “Test Server Gateway” window, click
    “Begin test”.
  10. After the test is successfully executed.
  11. Go to programs, Invoke the Materials Studio software.
  12. Invoke any one of the modules and click the calculation.
  13. There is job control tab in Materials Studio client to submit the PBS job.
  14. There are different gateway locations i.e., One is My location and other is
  15. The default queue is routeq and click the run to choose the number of parallel processors are four, eight and sixteen values. These three values are default processor and high priority.
  16. Click the run.
  17. For job information,go to
  18. To stop the job, Go to programs, then Accelrys Materials Studio 6.0 and click server console.
  19. Click the job and filename to stop the job.
Report Problems to: 
For any queries, raise a ticket in the helpdesk or please contact System Administrator, #103,SERC.