Steps on Param Pravega

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Step-1 : Load SPACK and Initialize environment

Step-2 : Load any compilers and libraries that you might need for compiling your code

Step-3 : Providing paths to the libraries that are required for compilation

Step-4 : Compile your code

Step-5 : Transfer your data

Step-6 : Submit you Job


For the use of SLURM job scheduler, refer to Job Submission System.

For sample job submission scripts, refer to Sample Job Submission scripts.

For the queues used in Param Pravega, refer to Param Pravega Queues.


Check the user’s resource usage.
#sreport cluster AccountUtilizationByUser  -t hourper start=01/01/22 end=now
To check the balance from login nodes.
#csreport -a <computational-id>