Matlab 9.4 (R2018a)

MATLAB R2018a (version 9.4) is installed in SERC. MATLAB, the language of technical computing, is a programming environment for algorithm development, data analysis, visualization, and numeric computation. Simulink® is a graphical environment for simulation and Model-Based Design of multidomain dynamic and embedded systems.MATLAB PCT parallel profile works only on the local system. Click on local below for details

.   local

NOTE: Make sure that you include only the directory in MATLAB path for that profile which is set as default. Other profile directories should not be on the path.

System Requirements

Note: Matlab R2018a doesn’t support 32 Bit Machines.
Users are requested to upgrade their Machine OS to 64 Bit.

Matlab Installation

1.Personal Laptop / Designated Computer

Installation Guide for Personal Laptop (Designated Computer)

2.Desktop machine connected to campus network (IISc Network License)

Installation Guide for Department Machine or Lab Machine through SERC License Server (includes instructions to download also)

How to invoke MATLAB ?

Path for matlab-R2018a:


For C-shell:

  set path=(/home/pkg/lic/matlab-tah-R2018a/bin $path) 

For ksh or bash:

  export PATH=/home/pkg/lic/matlab-tah-R2018a/bin:$PATH 

In which systems is MATLAB available ?

MATLAB R2018a (Version 9.4) is currently available on all the access stations in SERC Bay Area (1st Floor). You can use MATLAB from a ascii terminal, but an X-window system will support more graphic displays.

Note for Standalone License Users:

Activating expiring MATLAB license for the next academic year

What are all Tool boxes available in MATLAB-R2018a (9.4)?

Toolbox Version
Aerospace Blockset 3.21
Aerospace Toolbox 2.21
Antenna Toolbox 3.1
Audio System Toolbox 1.4
Automated Driving System Toolbox 1.2
Bioinformatics Toolbox 4.10
Communications System Toolbox 6.6
Computer Vision System Toolbox 8.1
Control System Toolbox 10.4
Curve Fitting Toolbox 3.5.7
Data Acquisition Toolbox 3.13
Database Toolbox 8.1
Datafeed Toolbox 5.7
DSP System Toolbox 9.6
Econometrics Toolbox 5.0
Embedded Coder 7.0
Filter Design HDL Coder 3.1.3
Financial Instruments Toolbox 2.7
Financial Toolbox 5.11
Fixed Point Designer 6.1
Fuzzy Logic Toolbox 2.3.1
Global Optimization Toolbox 3.4.4
GPU Coder 1.1
HDL Coder 3.12
HDL Verifier 5.4
Image Acquisition Toolbox 5.4
Image Processing Toolbox 10.2
Instrument Control Toolbox 3.13
LTE HDL Toolbox 1.1
LTE System Toolbox 2.6
Mapping Toolbox 4.6
MATLAB Coder 4.0
MATLAB Compiler 6.6
MATLAB Compiler SDK 6.5
MATLAB Report Generator 5.4
Model Predictive Control Toolbox 6.1
Model-Based Calibration Toolbox 5.4
Neural Network Toolbox 11.1
OPC Toolbox 4.0.5
Optimization Toolbox 8.1
Parallel Computing Toolbox (PCT) 6.12
PDE Toolbox 3.0
Phased Array System Toolbox 3.6
Polyspace Bug Finder 2.5
Polyspace Code Prover 9.9
Powertrain Blockset 1.3
Predictive Maintenance Toolbox 1.0
RF Blockset 7.0
RF Toolbox 3.4
Risk Management Toolbox 1.3
Robotics System Toolbox 2.0
Robust Control Toolbox 6.4.1
Signal Processing Toolbox 8.0
SimBiology 5.8
SimEvents 5.4
Simscape 4.4
Simcape Driveline 2.14
Simscape Electronics 2.13
Simscape Fluids 2.4
Simscape Multibody 5.2
Simulink 3D Animation 8.0
Simulink Check 4.1
Simulink Code Inspector 3.2
Simulink Coder 8.14
Simulink Control Design 5.1
Simulink Design Optimization 3.4
Simulink Desktop Report Generator 5.6
Simulink Real-Time 6.8
Simulink Report Generator 5.4
Simulink Requirements 1.1
Simulink Test 2.4
Spreadsheet Link 3.3.3
Stateflow 9.1
Statistics & Machine Learning Toolbox 11.3
Symbolic Math Toolbox 8.1
System Identification_Toolbox 9.8
Text Analytics Toolbox 1.1
Trading Toolbox 3.4
Vehicle Dynamics Blockset 1.0
Vehicle Network Toolbox 4.0
Vission HDL Toolbox 1.6
Wavelet_Toolbox 5.0
WLAN System Toolbox 1.5

Where do I get help ?

MATLAB is an interactive programme with on-line help. To get an overview of MATLAB type intro from the MATLAB prompt. The help command tells you the topics (directories) available in MATLAB. The command help directory_name or help function_name gives more detailed help about the directory or the function. You can also look for a particular topic by typing lookfor topic.

For further assistance, contact to by E-mail or phone(#109 within SERC).