SERC strives to increase scientific productivity of its users through technical support, education, advocacy,and the development and deployment of new computational and data technologies.

     The High Performane Computing ecosystem presents unique challenges to the scientific and engineering user community to make best use of compute resources at SERC. While the infrastructure side, consisting of hardware,system software, numerical software libraries, data analysis and visualization tools evolves rapidly over the course of a few years, many research application codes are complex and life-cycle routinely spans decades. As a result, code modernization, porting and optimization are necessary to exploit the capabilities of state-of-the-art systems at the Centre.

     SERC’s consulting staff have domain expertize as well as long years of practitioner experience with HPC. The staff engage with users on a wide range of user issues, from long term collaboration in scientific computing, code optimization to help with third-party applications, library support and web documentation. The consulting staff also engage in training HPC users from within and oustide IISc through scheduled events and specific requests from Groups/Departments.

        For HPC code optimization and for HPC Consulting contact Dr. Aditya Krishna Swamy (

General Problems on Computer systems and software packages

For problems relating to computer systems and software packages supported by SERC, please send an e-mail to helpdesk or contact 2737, or SERC extension 103.

Network related problems

For network related problems, please send an e-mail to networksupport or contact 2737, extn #515.

User information on SERC systems

User information on various aspects relating SERC systems and services are available here

System Specific Administrator Contact

Information about SERC staff in-charge of various computing systems are listed below. If you face any problem

in functionality of any systems, please report it to the corresponding system adminstrators.


System Adminstrator @119 J Lakshmi
Room No 119, SERC 120, SERC
Phone 2293 2738, Extn 119 2293 2738, Extn 120

Dell Cluster, Delta Cluster, Fermi Cluster, Tesla Cluster, Tyrone Cluster, NVIDIA DGX-1 Cluster.

System Adminstrator @119 Yogindra Kumar Negi
Room No 119, SERC 409, SERC
Phone 2293 2738, Extn 409 2360 0653/54/59, Extn 409

File Servers.

System Adminstrator Filbert Minj
Room No 418, SERC
Phone 2360 0653/54/59, Extn 418

The staff mentioned above, will be available during office hours on all working days.