Introduction :-

Delta cluster is 128 core cluster, composed of 8 rack mounted nodes, located in the CPU room of SERC. Of the eight-nodes, one is a head node and all others are execution nodes. This is a homogenous cluster with each node consisting of 16 processing cores. Every node has a Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2670, 2 processor operating at 2.60GHz and 128GB RAM. Four of the cluster nodes have “Intel Xeon Phi(MIC card)“, the Intel MIC architecture is targeted for highly parallel, High Performance Computing (HPC) workloads in a variety of fields such as computational physics, chemistry, biology, and financial services. Today such workloads are run as task parallel programs on large compute clusters. It consists of 61 cores operated at 1.1GHz speed. This cluster offers unique capability of running applications in offloading mode from host CPUs. The cluster nodes are connected using Infiniband HBAs through a Qlogic TrueScale infiband interconnect switch. This is managed by the opensource batch scheduler “torque” software for job scheduling and load balancing. The head-node allows user logins for application development and testing. The cluster has a local scratch filesystem of 1 TB on each node, to be used for computational runs. The localscratch space is enabled through differentstorage devices and hence must be accessed using job scripts only.

Vendor :-
OEM – Intel

Hardware Overview :-

The cluster has 8 nodes and the hardware configuration for each node is as follows:-

16-core node:-

  • Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2670, 2 processors(16 cores each) operating at 2.60GHz clock speed.
  • 128 GB Main Memory DDR3 ECC SDRAM
  • 1 TB SATA HDD 3Gbps for OS and system software
  • Infiniband Card MHQH19B-XTR for MPI communication
  • Dual-port Gigabit Ethernet Connectivity for enabling logins and NFS.

Each node has 1TB SATA HDDs of localscratch space.

Node Interconnect: All nodes of the cluster are connected using their infiniband HBAs through one 24-port for Qlogic TrueScale infiband switch-QDR MPI-communication.

System Softwares/Libraries :-

Aplication Softwares/Libraries :-

Workload Manager :-

Location of Delta-Cluster :-

  • CPU Room, SERC.

DNS name of the machine :-


Accessing the system :-

The Delta cluster has one login node, delta-cluster, through which the user can access the cluster and submit jobs. The machine is accessible for login using ssh from inside IISc network (ssh The machine can be accessed after applying for basic HPC access, for which:

  • Fill the online HPC application form here & submit at Room: 117, SERC.
  • HPC Application form must be duly signed by your Advisor/Research Supervisor.



For any queries, raise a ticket in the helpdesk or please contact System Administrator, #103,SERC.