System Engineer-I, Senior System Engineer-I and Senior System Engineer-II in SERC, IISc (Posted: December 15, 2021, Last date of application: January 4, 2022).Advertisement Number: R(HR)Temp/SERC/2021-22
For further details, refer to pdf.  [CLOSED]



Positions Open for Project Associates [System Engineers](posted : November 25, 2021. Last date of application: December 15, 2021)Advertisement No. Advt No: SERC/HR/PrAssoc/1. Date: 25.11.2021- [CLOSED]


Specialist Technologist (Posted : August 17, 2021. Last date of application: September 20, 2021)        Advertisement No. R(HR)Temp/SERC/2021-7 Date: 13.08.2021 [CLOSED]

Positions Open for Short-Term Project Trainees  [CLOSED]


PROJECT ASSOCIATE I (Posted : March 10, 2021. Last date of application: April 20, 2021)                       Advertisement No. R(IB)008-4(2018)/2021 [CLOSED]


Project Scientist I and III Positions (Posted: March 2, 2021. Last date of application: March 31, 2021 )       Advertisement No. R(HR)008-1(2020)/2021 [CLOSED]