About SERC

Welcome to the Supercomputer Education and Research Centre(SERC) at the Indian Institute Of Science(IISc) , a pioneering research centre in high-performance computing , advanced computing , and Data science.

Our mission is to advance scientific knowledge and innovation through the application of cutting-edge computational research. We aim to be a leader in computational science , enabling groundbreaking discoveries with real world impact.


SERC was founded in 1989 as a hub for computational research. Since then, we have grown in to a premier institution with a global reputation for excellence.

Research Areas

SERC’s research spans a wide range of disciplines , including computational physics , material science , bioinformatics , and artificial intelligence. Our researchers harness the power of computation to tackle complex challenges across various domains.


At SERC , we boast state-of-the-art super computing clusters and data centers. these cutting edge facilities provide researchers with the computational resources needed to conduct large-scale simulations and data-intensive analyses.

Research Contributions

Over the years , SERC has made significant contributions to scientific research. Our researchers have published numerous papers in esteemed journals , and their work has been recognized and cited by peers worldwide.


We actively collaborate with leading research institutions , industries , and government agencies. These partnerships foster a culture of interdisciplinary research and knowledge exchange , driving innovation and progress.

Academic Progress

SERC offers academic programs tailored to equip students with essential computational skills. From advanced courses in high-performance computing to specialized workshops on data analytics , our programs cater to diverse learning needs.

Faculty and Researchers

Our distinguished faculty members are experts in their respective fields. They lead vibrant research groups that continuously push the boundaries of computational science.

Publication and awards

SERC researchers have published groundbreaking work in top-tier journals, contributing to the advancement of computational research. Their achievements have earned accolades and awards in recognition of their outstanding contributions.

Outreach and Events

SERC actively organizes workshops, seminars, and conferences to promote knowledge dissemination and foster collaboration. These events provide opportunities for researchers to connect and share ideas.

Student Involvement

SERC encourages student involvement through internships and research projects. Students gain hands-on experience and exposure to cutting-edge research under the guidance of our experienced faculty.

Social Impact

Our research extends beyond academia, aiming to have a positive impact on society. From climate modeling to healthcare applications, SERC’s work contributes to addressing critical global issues.

Future Goals

Looking ahead, SERC is committed to staying at the forefront of computational research. We aspire to lead in emerging areas and foster a culture of innovation and excellence.

Join us in our journey to shape the future of computational science and make a meaningful impact on the world!

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