Matlab TAH Model – Total Academic Headcount License (TAH)

TAH MODEL: Allows campus-wide access on university-owned computers to all faculty, staff and students.
TAH Campus licenses support two activation types:

  1. TAH Designated Computer
  2. TAH Network Concurrent User
Which Activation Type should I use?
TAH License
Is the computer connected to
the IISc network ?
Type of computer
YES Desktop Computer Concurrent License
NO Laptops and Home use Designated Computer

Faculty and staff are also entitled to install MathWorks software on their personally owned computers for their own use.

Matlab versions available under TAH License:

    1. Matlab R2019b
    2. Matlab R2019a
    3. Matlab R2018b
    4. Matlab R2018a
    5. Matlab R2017b
    6. Matlab R2017a
    7. Matlab R2016b
    8. Matlab R2016a

Instructions – Requesting for Matlab Designated Computer Installation

  1. Users are requested to fill the form online, and submit the form to SERC – Room No. 103 (Machines Associated with the department or lab,  lab form  should be filled by Professor) 
  1. The Admin enrolls the user to the Mathworks account with the respective official email id
  2. Based on the users details Admin adds the user’s “Mac Address”, “Operating System” on the Mathworks site to associate a License for the user

  3. An email will be sent to the users to “Confirm MathWorks Account information” from Mathworks.
  4. The users will receive an email with a temporary password & a link to change their password for the Mathworks site (Please make a note of this for future use.)
  5. After completion of the above steps, users can now begin the installation of the MATLAB-TAH  setup

Installation Methods

  1. Designated Computer Users
  2. Network-Concurrent Users     {For machines connected to IISc n/w}

Activating expiring MATLAB license for the next academic year


For any queries, raise a ticket in the helpdesk or please contact System Administrator, #103,SERC.