Programming Environment – Cray

Cray XC40 is a massively parallel processing (MPP) system in which the compute nodes (where the jobs are executed) are booted with a stable, minimal Linux OS. On this machine, user development tools and libraries are available to the user as dynamically loadable modules at runtime, both on the login nodes as well as the execution nodes. Users can interactively build their execution files on the login nodes, but will have to use the batch job scheduler (PBS Professional) for executing on the system. To ensure that the required programming environment is available during execution, the user has to include and load the necessary modules through their job script. This system can only be used in batch execution mode and users have to submit their jobs using job scripts to the PBSPro job scheduler.
Modules and Compilers
Message Passing Toolkit
Parallel Scientific and Math Libs
Parallel Runtime Debuggers

Artificial Intelligence Toolkit 

Optimization Tools
Job submission System


Cray Programming Environment User’s Guide

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