Study of Short-Term Weather Events

Prof. Arindam Chakraborty’s lab in Centre for Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences (CAOS) of IISc addressed how extreme (short-time) weather events modify (long-term) climate. The frequency of sporadic extremes rainfall events have increased significantly during past 7-decades. This is accompanied by decrease in the mean of Indian monsoon rainfall. Using several numerical simulations of a global general circulation model at the SERC’s HPC system involving 437,000 core hours in 2017, the lab found that the increase in extremes was the cause of decrease in mean. Thus, for the first time a mechanism was illustrated that bridges short-term sporadic events to long-term means. 


  1. Karmakar N, Chakraborty A, Nanjundiah RS. Increased sporadic extremes decrease the intraseasonal variability in the Indian summer monsoon rainfall. Scientific Reports. Nature Publishing Lab; 2017 Aug 10;7(1):7824.