How to apply for new computational account.

Supercomputer Education and Research centre (SERC) provides state-of-the-art computing facilities to all students and staff of the Institute. To obtain a computational account user needs to have a valid & active IISc email account {Office 365 Email account}.  If you do not have a IISc email account you will have to contact your Department office.

Policies followed for SERC computational accounts.

  1. Account Inactive for two months: The account will be locked, and after 90 days the account along with its data will be deleted. For unlocking the account before 90 days, the user should send a request to ‘’.
  2. Account Expired: The account will be locked, and after 90 days the account along with its data will be deleted. For unlocking the account before 90 days, the user should visit SERC Room No.114/117 with a valid ID card or send a copy of the ID card to ‘’ mentioning the reasons and duration clearly with a copy to the respective supervisor.
  3. Taking no dues: The account will be deleted along with the data after the no due has been issued. 
  4. Students joining as PA/RA etc. after taking no dues should apply for a new computational account.
  5. Please Note: SERC will not be responsible for any data loss after the account deletion.

Process for getting the Computational Account

Once the user has an IISc email account, he/she can apply for a computational account to use the general computer facilities at SERC. Please go to the URL:

and login using your IISc email account and password, fill up the appropriate form and submit. The applicant will receive an email with further instructions.

For access to the HPC clusters go to HPC request for IISc staff/students and login with IISc email account credentials and click on “Resources” and follow the instructions therein.

When coming to SERC for validation, please carry your IISc ID card with you.