NVIDIA CUDA Workshop, Sept 5, 2009


SERC organised one-day CUDA workshop for application programmers in SERC, IISc on Sept 5th, 2009. Conducted by Nvidia personnel:

Mr.Manish Bali, Manager Enterprise sales, Nvidia.
Mr.Punit Kishore, Senior DFT Engineer, Nvidia.

Highlights of the Workshop

1. Lecture on Introduction to GPGPU computing by Mr.Manish Bali
2 .Lecture on Introduction_to_CUDA and Basics of CUDA programming by Mr.Punit Kishore.
3. CUDA Demos by Mr.Punit Kishore
4. CUDA Programming Hands-on session by Mr.Punit Kishore
5. Lecture on CUDA Performance Optimization by Mr.Punit Kishore.

CUDA Programming Hands-on session

As the part of CUDA Hands-on session following Assisgnments were handed to participants:

1. myFirstKernel
a.myFirstKernel.cu –> ( Solution )
2. cudaMalloc and Memcpy
a. cudaMallocAndMemcpy.cu –> ( Solution )
3. reverseArray
a. reverseArray_singleblock.cu –> ( Solution )
b. reverseArray_multiblock.cu –> ( Solution )
c. reverseArray_multiblock_fast.cu –> ( Solution )