Cloud Middleware

Cloud setups are built over distributed systems with necessary glue software that enables the autonomous use of the systems on-demand. The software that enables this is called the cloud middleware. The cloud middleware has many components that enable the essential cloud properties of on-demand, scalable resource platforms to users. However, many of these components are in a stage of evolution as they were started to demonstrate proof-of-concepts for cloud computing. Because of the basic shared resource model of these setups, the best-effort sharing practise has a non-deterministic effect on application performance when hosted on such platforms. This basically depends on the nature of applications that are co-tenanted on the paltform. This work explores constructs that can control or enable the guarantee of applications on cloud platforms by enhancing or building new middleware constructs. Completed works in this direction are listed here:

  1. Elastic engine for application performance
  2. VM Placement algorithms ensuring application performance
  3. QoS in Cloud Storage
  4. HPC Clouds – PaaS perspective
  5. Serverless FaaS platforms
  6. Intelligent Cloud Data Centers