With Maple you can create powerfull interactive documents. You can visualize and animate problems in two and three dimensions. You can solve complex problems with simple point-and-click interfaces or easy-to-modify example worksheets. You can also devise custom solutions using the Maple programming language. While you work, you can document your process, providing text descriptions.

In which systems is MAPLE available?

MAPLE ( Version 10.0 ) is currently available in Linux Workstations , Sgi fuel , Sgi OctaneFedlx , Sunlx, Ganga machines which are placed in 1st floor bay area at SERC. In addition, older version of Maple(Version 8.0) is still available on Linux . You can use xmaple for getting graphic display.

How to invoke MAPLE ?

Path for maple-10.0 is /home/pkg/lic/maple-10.0/bin

For C-shell:

set path=(/home/pkg/lic/maple-10.0/bin $path)

For ksh or bash:

export PATH=/home/pkg/lic/maple-10.0/bin:$PATH

How to Install  MAPLE-10.0 on my department machine ?

Installation Guide for UNIX
Installation Guide for  Windows
Installation Guide for 64-bit Linux

Where do i get help ?

From the Help menu in your worksheet, select Maple Help
In the worksheet, enter ?HelpOverview

Using the Tools>Tutors menu, you can access over 40 interactive tutors that aid in the   learning of precalculus, calculus, multivariate calculus, vector calculus, and linear algebra concepts.

Literature available in PDF

Maple user manual
Maple getting started guide



For any queries, raise a ticket in the helpdesk or please contact System Administrator, #103,SERC.