Intel Fortran Composer XE 2013


Intel Fortran Compiling Suites include advanced optimization and multithreading capabilities, highly optimized performance libraries and analysis tools for creating fast reliable multithreaded applications.

Composer XE Edition Components

Intel Fortran Composer XE 2013.1.117 creates a solid foundation for building robust, high performance parallel code. It combines the Intel Fortran Compiler with the following:

1.Intel Math Kernel Library(Intel MKL):

This library allows you to boost application performance with a set of parallelized, highly optimized, thread-safe, mathematical functions for engineering, scientific and financial applications requiring high performance on Intel platforms.

2.Intel Debugger:

The debugger improves the efficiency of the debugging process on code that has been optimized for Intel architecture and includes new threaded code debugging features and a new GUI.

Following Intel Fortran Compiler product are installed on delta cluster at SERC :

Intel Fortran Compiler for Linux
Intel Debugger
Intel Math Kernel Library

Documentation :

Intel Fortran Compiler

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