Mathematica 6.0

Mathematica is a software package which can be used extensively for numerical applications, symbolic manipulation, data visualization and many other purposes. Some of its important features include :

  • Mathematics with symbolic manipulation, i.e. algebra, calculus and any other user-defined symbolic arithmatic.
  • Rich collection of special functions
  • Toolboxes for special purpose applications.
  • Data visualization and function plotting in 2D and 3D.
  • Symbolic output in TeX/FORTRAN/C form.

In which systems is Mathematica available?

Mathematica (Version 6.0) is currently available on sunlx,hplx (Woodcrest), ganga, cauvery & fedlx machines in SERC
SERC holds the Campus-wide site license for Mathematica (Version 6.0). Therefore, it may be installed in any machine connected to the IISc Campus LAN and running any of the standard (Unix, Windows) OS.

How to Install Mathematica 6.0 on my department machine?

System Requirements for Mathematica-6.0

Installation Guide for UNIX

Installation Guide for Windows

Please note that the machine will be using Mathematica license servers at SERC during the whole Mathematica session. For Installation Media kindly get in touch with Ms.Nalini at SERC, Room No. 114.

How to invoke Mathematica?

Type math from the command prompt to invoke the command-line version of Mathematica.
If you would like to use the GUI version of Mathematica ( i.e. the Mathematica Notebook),
type mathematica at the command prompt and press enter.

Path for mathematica-6.0 is


For C-shell:

set path=(/home/pkg/lic/mathematica-6.0/bin $path)

For ksh or bash:

export PATH=/home/pkg/lic/mathematica-6.0/bin:$PATH

Where do I get help?

Mathematica is an interactive package with on-line help. In fact the whole Mathematica book by Wolfram is available Online from help menu of Notebook interface.
You may visit Wolfram Research for other documentation, downloadable codes etc. Currently we are under Premiere Support Contract from Wolfram Research, therefore, you may forward your technical support queries through to Wolfram Research.
For further assistance, please contact by E-mail or phone (#510 within SERC).