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Workshop Objective: The workshop is intended to cater the need of IISc community those who wants to port their code to GPUs. During the two day workshop,the first day program covers fundamentals and intended for beginners. The second day program has a session on in-house application code porting to GPUs. This is a great opportunity for those considering porting to or parallelization their applications on GPUs, where experienced NVIDIA experts will guide them in the process.

Tentative Schedule:


  • GPU Architecture Evolution
    • Kepler / Pascal / Volta
  • Ways to GPGPU Programming
    • Libraries vs. Directive-based vs. Languages
  • Hands-on Directive-based Programming
    • Introduction to OpenACC
    • Directive-based Programming: Hands-on
    • Run on both K40 and Volta and show the difference just by changing flags

Day 2:

  • Mini-Application ( Amazon )
    • Hands-on Session: Real-world Mini-application
    • Run on both K40 and Volta and show performance difference
  • Own application Porting ( DGX at SERC ) Users bring their own application and test on both K40 and Volta