For Non-IISc Users

Use of SERC Computational Facilities by non-IISc academic and Government R&D Institutes

SERC allows use of Param Pravega supercomputer for external users (

User Rates (Additional charges: GST @18% apply)

SERC Facility Other Academic Organizations Government R&D Labs Industry
Param Pravega system. CPU. 96 paise per core hour Rs. 1.5 per core hour Rs. 2.5 per core hour
Param Pravega system. GPU. Rs. 42 per GPU hour Rs. 50 per GPU hour Rs 150 per GPU hour

Terms & Conditions:

  1. Only one proposal per user will be enabled at a time.
  2. The actual allocation will depend on the demand at the time of the request.
  3. The computations for the amount paid will have to be carried within the time stipulated in the proposal by the user. Under no circumstances, any part of the amount will be refunded.
  4. 10% of the overall requirement will be provided for free. This can be used for testing and debugging.
  5. No guarantees are given on the permanence of the data. It is the user’s responsibility to remove the data from the system once the computations are completed.
  6. The user explicitly certifies that any software he builds and uses on SERC facilities in his home area is entirely his property or is legally licensed to use such software.
  7. The user will duly acknowledge the use of the HPC facility in any publications that have used SERC, IISc HPC resources.
  8. The user also agrees to submit a 3-page half-yearly report on the project which uses the HPC facility at SERC.
  9. When the user raises a request for consulting support, he/she agrees to provide access to the software, scripts etc in his home area to System Administrators of IISc or IISc’s vendors solely for such support.
  10. User agrees that IISc will have access to all code, data and other files in User’s home area and can provide access by IISc’s vendors and Law Enforcement agencies to the same in response to a legitimate law enforcement request.


  1. Send a proposal containing
    1. Title para containing name, affiliation, contact and title of the proposal.
    2. Science objectives.
    3. Resource requirements including:
      1. Type of the system needed
      2. Number of core hours or the GPU hours subject to the limits mentioned in the T&C.
      3. Size of the input and output data.
      4. Software environment needed including the compilers (C or Fortran), libraries needed for linking etc.
  2. For Param Pravega requests: Send this proposal along with the Param Pravega User Account Form to
  3. For other requests: Send only the proposal to
  4. A committee will evaluate your proposal and respond in a week.
  5. If approved, fill the usage agreement form and send along with a DD in favour of “The Registrar, Indian Institute of Science” to the Chair, Supercomputer Education and Research Centre, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore – 560012. Please mark your envelope with “Request for Computational Usage”
  6. Once this is received, SERC will enable the environment and let know the starting period of the usage. Please note that the starting period is based on the current usage of the system and similar such pending requests.