Mathematica is a software package which can be used extensively for numerical applications, symbolic manipulation, data visualization and many other purposes. Some of its important features include:
  • Mathematics with symbolic manipulation, i.e. algebra, calculus and any other user-defined symbolic arithmetic.
  • Rich collection of special functions.
  • Toolboxes for special purpose applications.
  • Data visualization and function plotting in 2D and 3D.
  • Symbolic output in TeX/FORTRAN/C form.

Mathematica Portal

Users already registered for using Mathematica, kindly login using the above link from the machine in which you would like to invoke Mathematica and then start to use it.

New users, please register in the above portal and submit the PDF application with sign & seal from your guide/supervisor.  You will receive an email after your account is validated.

After you receive the email kindly take note of the following instructions.

IMPORTANT : Users need to log in first through the Mathematica portal from the machine on which they want to invoke mathematica. The restriction file gets updated on an hourly basis ( i.e for example: 9am, 10am, etc).  Depending on this, the user will need to login once again through the Mathematica Portal to use mathematica if the time between the two invocations of mathematica falls after the hour mark.  For example, if the user finishes using it just before 10am and then once again wants to use it around 10:10am, the user will need to login again.

Mathematica Installation Procedure

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On which machine is Mathematica installed?

Mathematica is installed on

Where do I get help?

Mathematica is an interactive package with on-line help. In fact the whole Mathematica book by Wolfram is available Online from help menu of Notebook interface.
You may visit Wolfram Research for other documentation, downloadable codes etc. Currently we are under Premiere Support Contract from Wolfram Research, therefore, you may forward your technical support queries through to Wolfram Research.


For any queries, raise a ticket in the helpdesk or please contact System Administrator(, #119,SERC.