Tecplot Version 360

Tecplot, the plotting and visualization software that helps present your work in its best light. And when you think of a new, better, or different way to present your data, Tecplot gives you full control over 2- and 3-D plot parameters. Version 10 marks a major milestone for Tecplot. The latest release includes new capabilities in three key areas: plotting, data managements, and the user interface. These enhancements provide more control to explore, analyze and communicate results.

The Tecplot version 360 is available at SERC for users. The newly installed Tecplot is located in

and can be invoked by setting the path as follows,

User has to set the following path into ksh or bash:

   export PATH=$PATH:/home/pkg/lic/tecplot_360/360ex_2020r2/bin

User has to set the following path into .cshrc file,

set path=($path /home/pkg/lic/tecplot_360/360ex_2020r2/bin)

After editing the .cshrc file one has to source .cshrc
To invoke Tecplot after setting the path type on command prompt,

       # tec360 -mesa

tec is a script which detects the operating system and invokes the
corresponding path for tecplot. It supports for SunOS, IRIX, Linux and Altix350

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For any queries, raise a ticket in the helpdesk or please contact System Administrator, #119,SERC.