Short Course on High Performance Computing – 27th – 31st May 2019


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Course objective:
To introduce the fundamentals of parallel computing including parallel architectures, programming models and
commonly used parallel programing constructs/libraries/languages, AI/Deep learning and BigData and to present
motivating algorithms and applications to real-world problems. Programming labs will provide experience applying
HPC tools on both CPU and GPU platforms.
Day  9:30 –11:00   11:30-1:00  2:00 —  3:00 3:30-5:30 (with a tea break from 3:45 to 4:00 PM) 
Day 1


HPC Overview

Parallel Computing Architectures  ( RG)


Parallelization Principles  (RG)


 OpenMP Programming I  (Akhila)


OpenMP  Lab I

(PDF)  (.zip)

Day 2


OpenMP Programming  II (AkhilaO) (PDF) MPI Programming I (Aditya) (PDF) Parallel File Systems

(Filbert/Aditya) (PDF)

OpenMP Lab II, MPI Programming Lab I (PDF) (PDF)
Day 3


MPI Programming II (VSS)


Parallel Algorithms and High Performance Libraries (VSS) (PDF) (PDF)  Roles of Profilers, and Debuggers

(JL) (PDF)

MPI Programming Lab II (.zip)
 Day 4


Introduction to GPU Architecture, OpenACC





OpenACC/CUDA programming Lab


Day 5


BigData and Spark

(YS) (PDF)

Real-world HPC program : A Case Study (Bala)  Roles of Job Schedulers, Cluster Mgmt. Tools

Basics of Job Scripts (JL)

AI/DL Programming Lab
  • Program Lab
  • Visit to SERC facility
  • Valedictory